Digital Marketing

Herman Advertising is an Automotive Advertising Agency that  has the Digital Marketing knowledge and experience your dealership needs. Our entire team is driven by a relentless passion to stay at the forefront of the Digital Marketing revolution. Let us show you how you can dominate the Digital Marketing space and increase your sales power.
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Social Media

Over three years ago, we led the nation by becoming the first Retail Automotive Advertising Agency to offer Social Media services when we launched our UNiTY Social Media initiative. Since then, our clients have trusted us to handle 100% of their Social Media efforts. Let us show you how we can help your dealership harness the power of Social Media.
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Traditional Advertising

Remember, not all of your customers are Generation X or Y and spend a considerable amount of time on the computer.  Let us show you how to blend Traditional Automotive Advertising with Digital Marketing and Social Media to create a powerhouse Automotive Advertising and Marketing strategy that will destroy your competition.
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Automotive Advertising: The Simple Solution

As a dealer, how do you sort through all of the mess each and every day in order to focus on what is important: making your dealership profitable. There is a dizzying array of challenges dealers face each and every day. Now, is not the time to go it alone. Success does not surface with inexperienced account teams, two-bit pitchmen and old school ad guys. 
The simple solution is an Automotive Advertising and an Automotive Marketing Agency that has real world, in the trenches, retail Automotive Advertising experience. An agency that truly understands your business and how to market it by utilizing a combination of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Traditional Advertising to create a trifecta that covers the entire spectrum of your sales initiative. Herman Advertising is that agency. Read more

Now, more than ever you need real world, in the trenches, retail Automotive Advertising experience

As Automotive Advertising goes it's an absolute war out there. The retail Automotive Industry has been under assault and the battle has been unwavering. Our industry is going through the most major metamorphosis of its entire history. Everything is changing. 

Topics like the buying cycle, technology, consumer demand, the sales process, marketing techniques, hiring and training, the move towards one price/consumer based pricing, the rise of the internet sales manager, the decline of used vehicle gross margins, and the onset of new energy technologies make it even harder to find a niche and selling point for your brand.  Plus, the US Government is actively engaged in running and funding the future of our business. No doubt you've been feeling the strain...

By being the smart business person that you are and using our Automotive Advertising expertise you'll be able to slam the brakes on the "What should I be doing" syndrome that has gripped our industry for so long and put your dealership back in the drivers seat.
At Herman Advertising our automotive advertising experts know what works! We have been in the trenches and on the front lines and we have the experience and knowledge to implement automotive advertising strategies that have been proven in battle and produce the kind of results that can and will work to put your car dealership back on the right track to winning!
Remember the old saying...

      "In The Land of The Blind, The One Eyed Man is King" 


Well we have two eyes and they're both completely focused on what it takes to bring your business more customers, more leads, more sales and make your automotive advertising efforts payoff by making your dealership the talk of the town at every level. By strategically placing your message in front of potential consumers at the exact moment they're searching for the products and services you sell, is what wins the automotive advertising wars.

Automotive Advertising:
Laser Targeted Leads Equals Huge Profits... 

Herman Advertising is the automotive advertising leader and we have a specialized department team in place for every advertising and marketing requirement you may want to implement. Need to get a grip around your social media marketing like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter? No problem... Our Facebook fan pages, Youtube Channels and Twitter accounts are custom tailored to syncronize with the look and feel of your existing website and deliver huge dividends by engaging with hungry consumers first.

Need on page SEO, Google analytics or your Adwords campaigns optimized for maximum search engine visibility? At this Automotive Advertising Agency that's our passion and it shows in our results! We run some of the tightest campaigns with the lowest CPC in the industry and we are well versed on how to drive laser targeted leads directly to your sales message at the most opportune moments.   

From traditional automotive advertising to digital and social media, A - Z we've got you covered. There's no obligation by calling one of our automotive advertising specialists so if you're still on the fence about what a REAL DEAL Automotive Advertising Agency can do for your bottom line...Just pick up the phone and dial. We gaurantee you it's the right choice.     


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