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The Importance Of Having Strong And Effective Media Plans

Why do major manufacturers like Ford and General Motors still dedicate a large percentage of their worldwide marketing dollars to traditional automotive advertising? Because it works!

At Herman Advertising, traditional automotive advertising is a key component of our core marketing strategies. Marketing initiatives that include television, radio, and print, can turn your digital advertising into a multi-platform campaign targeting audiences through all forms of popular media.

Every day, Herman Advertising’s clients find success utilizing traditional automotive advertising and digital marketing, both of which are crucial to your success. We work alongside your dealership to develop a custom media plan that may consist of digital marketing, social media, television, radio, newspaper, direct mail, and outdoor advertising. At Herman Advertising, our goal is to reach your target audience with impactful media campaigns that are cost effective with a strong ROI.

In order for us to build a robust and effective media plan, we must develop a proper understanding of your target market, starting with extensive market research and analysis. The Herman Advertising team studies data from the US Census, Nielson, Polk, and other local broadcast companies to compile information and create a comprehensive media plan tailored for your market.

Working within your advertising budget we select and suggest the best media, day parts, programs and efficiencies. We then negotiate the best possible rates. We track media space and negotiate time to make sure your customer is familiar with your brand. Finally, we check your invoices for accuracy and create a post buy analysis report on a monthly basis.

Since we provide both traditional automotive advertising and digital marketing services for automotive dealerships, we understand the dynamics and efforts that work for specific manufacturers, locations, and dealers. At Herman Advertising, we want you to sell more cars and that starts with creating effective media plans that work within your budget.

Call Herman Advertising today and let us help you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

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