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The Benefits Of YouTube Video Ad Campaigns

YouTube pre-roll ad campaigns are a powerful strategy allowing you the ability to serve your videos right before other videos on YouTube. With these videos, you are creating awareness for your business, and inviting potential customers to engage with your brand when they are searching for videos that interest them.

Online video usage is growing exponentially, and our team is well versed in building unique YouTube pre-roll ad campaigns to target the best audience for your business.

Herman Advertising focuses on: 

  1. Reaching The Right Audience
    Over 4 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube, and our digital team controls who sees your pre-roll ads, as well as when and where they appear based on your target audience. We can create pre-roll campaigns that identify precise user segments while implementing behavioral targeting, interest based targeting, geo-location, languages, and age and gender demographics. You only pay when your audience engages with your video by clicking on the video ad, if they watch the video for 30 seconds, or to completion based on video length.
  2. Powerful Advertising
    At Herman Advertising we have a seasoned creative department which will develop the right content for your type of business, adapting to a variety of screen sizes to deliver great quality video that enable you to connect with your audience.
  3. Delivering Results To Grow Your Business
    TV continues to be extremely effective when it comes to promoting your business, however TV media buys can be costly. YouTube pre-roll video ads enable your business an alternative to reach a huge audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV ads. In addition, with the detailed targeting options and reporting available through YouTube pre-roll campaigns, you can truly measure your ROI.

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