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Drive Facebook Users Directly To The VDP’s On Your Website With Our New VDP DIRECT!

Advertising on Facebook is a marketing strategy we at Herman Advertising feel is fundamental to a successful marketing portfolio. However, advertising on Facebook has clearly moved into the realm of mobile marketing due in large part to their user base and how they access their Facebook accounts. Facebook is a powerful platform, with 156 million active users in the U.S. and nearly unlimited ways to identify and precisely target Facebook users. But it is important to understand that 85% of Facebook traffic is from mobile devices. If you want to effectively market to Facebook users today, your campaigns must be mobile friendly.

At Herman Advertising, we have developed a program that is tailor made for today’s Facebook audience and we call it VDP Direct. VDP Direct places your vehicle inventory on Facebook and delivers buyers directly to your VDPs. We combine the best of SEM and Facebook advertising to generate Double Opt-In VDP visitors to your website to help you SELL MORE VEHICLES!

Your inventory will only be served to Facebook users who have already shown an interest in your vehicles. In doing so, we only target Facebook users who have either posted, shared, liked or searched for the vehicles you sell.

The biggest challenge to mobile marketing today, whether it is on Facebook or any other mobile platform is the large amount of unintended clicks due to users trying to close or minimize an ad. These unintended clicks skew campaign data, increase your website bounce rates, and make it difficult to measure true performance and ROI.

Our VDP Direct program finally offers a solution. Our exclusive Double Opt-In technology provides an intermediate stop or interstitial page that allows the Facebook user to confirm they intended to view the vehicle they clicked on before they proceed to view your VDP on your website. This user flow ensures you are only paying for clicks from users who intended to view your vehicles. If the Facebook user did not intend to click on your ad, they can easily go back to their previous Facebook page, and your are not charged for the unintended click.

We take the heavy lifting out of advertising your vehicles by delivering Facebook ready, mobile-friendly ads and a mobile-friendly shopping experience. You get in-market shoppers at the lowest cost-per-vehicle-sold. Our custom search page helps transition clients from Facebook to your VDP’s with ease and efficiency.

Our advanced automated systems monitor your auto feed for acquired and sold vehicles, and automatically updates your ads based on currently available inventory.

You will also benefit from comprehensive reporting that showcases how your campaign is performing at the VIN level.

To learn more about our VDP Direct program and how we harness the power of Facebook to drive in-market shoppers to your website, contact us today!

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