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Our Automotive Advertising Portfolio showcases the foundation of your marketing efforts, Digital Marketing has become a vast array of channels, platforms and techniques that must all work seamlessly in order for your dealership to succeed. The Digital Marketing choices available to a dealer are nearly unlimited. At Herman Advertising, our goal is to help our dealers understand which are the most important Digital Marketing avenues and how to prioritize them.

At Herman Advertising, Automotive Advertising Portfolio, our entire team is driven by a relentless passion to stay at the forefront of the Digital Marketing revolution. We will show you how to build and maximize your overall Digital Marketing Footprint.

Your Digital Marketing Footprint is comprised of the following items; A Mobile Friendly Website, exposure in and dominance of the key Google properties (including a solid understanding of Google Analytics), Third Party Lead Sites, Reputation Management and Social Media, Database Marketing and Crossover Media.

When tied together and organized properly, your Digital Marketing Footprint will provide you with a platform to grow your overall marketing efforts. When pushed to the maximum, your Digital Marketing Footprint will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition for years to come

Cross Platform Creative

Your customer can come in contact with your business via hundreds of different channels (from Google to Facebook, from your Website to your TV Commercials, from Pandora Radio to Billboards). Additionally, your customer is subjected to thousands of marketing messages every single day. The only way that your message will “cut through the clutter” is to make sure it is consistent across all platforms.

For years we (Herman Advertising) have preached the importance of a consistent message because a consistent message always yields better results. However, in this day and age, a consistent message is an absolute must. Your dealerships marketing efforts will live or die on the quality and consistency of your message.

The term Cross Platform Creative was created by Herman Advertising to describe creative that works across all platforms (digital to traditional). We take pride in being one of the very few Automotive Advertising Agencies with the desire, focus and capability to create award winning Cross Platform Creative for our dealer clients.

Traditional Automotive Advertising

Why do major manufacturers like Ford and General Motors still dedicate a large % of their total worldwide marketing dollars to Traditional Advertising? Because it works! Digital Marketing is crucial to your success now and into the future, but to ignore Traditional Advertising methods such as Television, Radio and even Print would be foolish and detrimental to your business. Every day Herman Advertising clients see success from utilizing Traditional Advertising such as Television and yes believe it or not…Newspaper. Remember, not every one of your customers is Gen Y and glued to a computer or mobile device 24 hours a day. Let us show you how to use Traditional Advertising to support your Digital Marketing and Social Media to create an overall Advertising and Marketing strategy that will leave your competition far behind.

Monthly Success Plans

Each month Herman Advertising provides our clients with a customized Success Plan.  The Success Plan is inclusive of a Monthly Budget Proposal and Custom Creative Themes for our dealers to choose from.  You will never hear us say “So What Do You Want To Do This Month?”  We always come to the table with new plans and ideas each and every month.

12 Steps To Success

12 Steps To Success – Prioritizing Your Marketing Efforts is the culmination of years of hard work at Herman Advertising. Over the years we have seen the increased need for dealers to have a better plan when it comes to organizing their marketing efforts.  In the modern marketing landscape, dealers have an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to where to place their marketing dollars. Every day a new company is knocking on the dealers door trying to sell the latest and greatest marketing tool. From digital to traditional there are literally hundreds of channels with which a dealer can market down. As an operator it can be absolutely overwhelming to try and decide which avenues will work the best for your dealership. At Herman Advertising, we felt it was crucial to come up with a strategy to help dealers should their marketing efforts from digital to traditional. 12 Steps To Success is designed to give dealers the maximum return on their marketing dollars.  At the end of the day, the goal is to:

1. Increase Unique Visitors to the Website

2. Increase Leads from the Website

3. Resulting in Increased Appointment and Increased Sales

We are confidant that this approach will result in significant growth at your store combined with the peace of mind you need to properly focus on your day to day operations. Below you will find all of the videos in our 12 Steps To Success series.  We hope they help you improve your dealerships marketing efforts.

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