12 Steps To Success

12 Steps To Success – Prioritizing Your Marketing Efforts is the culmination of years of hard work at Herman Advertising. Over the years we have seen the increased need for dealers to have a better plan when it comes to organizing their marketing efforts.  In the modern marketing landscape, dealers have an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to where to place their marketing dollars. Every day a new company is knocking on the dealers door trying to sell the latest and greatest marketing tool. From digital to traditional there are literally hundreds of channels with which a dealer can market down. As an operator it can be absolutely overwhelming to try and decide which avenues will work the best for your dealership. At Herman Advertising, we felt it was crucial to come up with a strategy to help dealers should their marketing efforts from digital to traditional. 12 Steps To Success is designed to give dealers the maximum return on their marketing dollars.  At the end of the day, the goal is to:

1. Increase Unique Visitors to the Website

2. Increase Leads from the Website

3. Resulting in Increased Appointment and Increased Sales

We are confidant that this approach will result in significant growth at your store combined with the peace of mind you need to properly focus on your day to day operations. Below you will find all of the videos in our 12 Steps To Success series.  We hope they help you improve your dealerships marketing efforts.

12 Steps To Success – Prioritizing Your Marketing Efforts

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