Cross Platform Creative

Cross Platform Creative

Now more than ever, it is crucial to have one consistent message from digital to traditional. At Herman Advertising, creativity does not exist in silos, your message will be delivered seamlessly across all platforms.

Cross Platform Creative

Your customer can come in contact with your business via hundreds of different channels (from Google to Facebook, from your Website to your TV Commercials, from Pandora Radio to Billboards). Additionally, your customer is subjected to thousands of marketing messages every single day. The only way that your message will “cut through the clutter” is to make sure it is consistent across all platforms.

For years we (Herman Advertising) have preached the importance of a consistent message because a consistent message always yields better results. However, in this day and age, a consistent message is an absolute must. Your dealerships marketing efforts will live or die on the quality and consistency of your message.

The term Cross Platform Creative was created by Herman Advertising to describe creative that works across all platforms (digital to traditional). We take pride in being one of the very few Automotive Advertising Agencies with the desire, focus and capability to create award winning Cross Platform Creative for our dealer clients.

Video Production

Video content used to be a luxury for the dealers who could afford. Now, Video Content is absolutely crucial to any successful marketing strategy. The entire world is cranking out video at an alarming rate…most of it poorly produced. At Herman Advertising we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure we produce world-class video content for our clients.  Read More…

Audio Production

Sound is a crucial element to a successful Marketing Message.  Great Audio Production can lure your customer into your message in literally seconds.  Poor Audio Production can turn them off immediately. At Herman Advertising, we pride ourselves on years of excellence in Audio Production. Read More…

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is everywhere: Websites, Social Media, Television, Billboards, Magazines and Newspapers. The sheer volume of graphical content all over the world speaks volumes to it’s power. Your customer is constantly exposed to graphic design and can make buying decisions based on what they see.  Read More…

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