Harness The Power Of Social Media With Facebook Remarketing!

Advertising on Facebook is a savvy digital marketing strategy that shows your ads to your website visitors – whether they’re on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Let’s face it, the automotive industry is competitive and people will browse your website, as well as your competitor’s before stepping foot in a dealership. During this process they’ll visit your website, then on to the next. You want to stick to them like glue so you’re always in front of them!

It’s the perfect way to re-engage your customers.

Facebook ads have reached new levels. What used to be great for increasing “likes,” the Facebook advertising platform now offers a great platform for remarketing.

One of the benefits of Facebook remarketing is the ability to only display your ads to people who showed interested in your dealership. You can hone in to those who visited your website, targeting users who showed interest in a specific vehicle or special.

This easy, cost effective solution helps to increase conversions, lowers cost per customer gain, and reduces the chance of losing that sale.

Let Herman Advertising help with your social marking needs.

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