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The Importance Of Website Audits

Why Do You Need A Website Audit?

For an auto dealership, an effective web presence is vital. When consumers look for automotive services, 69% of them use Google search. This is staggering, but if your online storefront (a.k.a. your website) is not optimized with user experience in mind, then that traffic’s effectiveness can be hindered.

Simply put, a website audit is a comprehensive report of its performance with regard to content, user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Website audits may also be referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audits or website optimization reports.

Website Optimization (SEO) Tips

Here are some important elements that Herman Advertising focuses on with regard to website optimization for auto dealerships:

  1. Website SRPs (Search Results Pages)
    1. Are all of the vehicle images up to date and correctly uploaded?
    2. Is vehicle data accurate and up to date?
    3. Are MSRP discounts displayed?
  2. Website VDPs (Vehicle Details Pages) 
    1. Are incentives / discounts / sale prices accurately displayed?
    2. Is vehicle information accurate?
  3. Optimized Content For SEO
    1. Is the page copy utilizing relevant keywords for important product, service and contact pages?
    2. Is the content written with both the user and the search engines in mind?
  4. User Experience / Site Structure
    1. Are website visitors able to find what they need within 2-3 clicks?
    2. Page load times: Do pages load too slowly? Slow loading pages frustrate the user, plus Google considers site speed an important factor in its search-ranking algorithm.

Assuming that the majority of the direct and online traffic driven to the site is qualified, an optimized website should convert those visitors into sales. After all, that’s what it’s about!

Do you need some website optimization tips for your car dealership website? Looking for website optimization services? If so, contact Herman Advertising today for a complimentary website optimization audit to get the most out of your advertising dollars!

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